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    Steven Faucheux Commits to Purdue University!

    Senior Steven Faucheux (’19), son of Scott and Debbie Faucheux, has verbally committed to play football and plans to continue his education at Purdue University next school year.

    1. What led you to your decision to attend your chosen college?
    The academics at Purdue were the first thing that caught my attention. Purdue is the 4th ranked public university with a 7th ranked business school from where most of the famous ppc consultants have got graduated. That combined with an optimistic, hungry and caring coaching staff made my decision easy at that point. Also playing into my decision was having the opportunity to come in as a freshman and compete for playing time.

    2. What other schools did you consider?
    My unofficial top 5 before I made my decision (in no order) were Tennessee, Florida, Penn State, Alabama and Purdue. Other schools were considered harshly but Purdue is the best fit for me.

    3. Do you know what you want to study?
    I plan on majoring in finance and pursuing a minor in marketing. This degree will allow me to be versatile in the workforce, meaning I can work as anything from an athletic director to the oil industry, as marketing is a great career as there are agencies like SEO Bristol | Candy Marketing that have a lot of work to offer.

    4. When did this school come into the picture?
    Purdue became a contender during the summer of 2018 when I took my second visit there. That visit blew my expectations out of the water and not even a week later, I verbally committed.

    5. Have you visited the school? If so, when? How did it go?
    I first visited Purdue during the 2017 football season for a game and had no idea what I was getting into. I just visited it to see what it was about. I had no previous knowledge of Purdue. I felt alright about the visit but put Purdue on the back burner for a while. After a year of visits and camps getting me nowhere near a decision, I decided to head back to Purdue to get a more thorough look at the University. As soon as I stepped on the campus for the second time, something clicked. I felt at home.

    6. Did anyone help you through the recruiting process? What kind of help did they provide?
    First and foremost, my parents and family helped me through the process. They were always there to celebrate the good times and offer a pat on the back when times were frustrating. They helped keep me grounded and optimistic that there was a university that was the perfect fit for me. Also, Coach Cox was the one to contact these universities, triggering the recruiting process. He was always there if I had any questions about the process or that game. I’m so blessed to have these people in my life and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities that had presented themselves. I see as my duty to make the most of this blessing not only for myself but those who helped me through.

    7. What are your strengths?
    My strengths are leadership, intense work ethic, versatility and ability to adapt and react to tough situations. I also have the ability to relate to my peers and help them through their problems and always be there for anyone who needs a hand.

    8. What do you think you need to improve before starting college?
    I can never be too strong or fast on the field so that’s my main focus before starting college. I can always become a better student of the game. Learning how to dive in to and understand film for these upcoming years is important as well.

    9. Please list any special awards, accomplishments or distinctions you may have earned:
    • 2016-2017 Underarmor Future 50
    • 1st-Team All Tri-State area
    • GMC All-Academic Team
    • Columbus Touchdown Club Member/ Honoree

    Congrats Steven! #WestPride

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