Lakota West Firebirds

    West Soccer takes the thunder out of East with 6-0 victory!

    Anthony Tribble

    The photo above: West Striker Kailyn Dudukovich (#13 above) fires a shot past the East Keeper en route to a hat trick

    Game Summary:
    Lakota West 6 vs. Lakota East 0
    2nd min.— Kailyn Dudukovich goal unassisted
    38th min.— Amanda Beerens goal assisted by Maya Martir
    48th min.— Kailyn Dudukovich goal unassisted
    53rd min.— Kailyn Dudukovich goal assisted by Sydney Jones Indirect kick
    73rd min.— Maya Martir goal assisted by Torey Kelley
    76th min.— Sydney Johns goal assisted by Kailyn Dudukovich
    Shutout: Reagan Meyers (4 saves)

    Overall Record: 4-0-1
    GMC Record: 2-0

    NEXT GAME: 9/9 at Ursuline Academy

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