Lakota West Firebirds

    Six Firebirds Medal at GMC Championships!

    The wrestling team competed at the GMC tournament over the weekend, taking 6th place as a team. The couple had strong performances by junior Matthew Szczepaniak (2nd @144lbs), freshman Josh Allen (2nd @150lbs), and junior Cooper Skelton (3rd @175lbs). Also placed were juniors Will Allen (4th @157bs) and Vaughn Nguyen (4th @165bs), and senior Micah Harris (4th @215lbs).

    The varsity team wraps up their regular season with a pair of duals this week. First up is the senior night this Wednesday, February 9, against Little Miami. Then on Saturday, the varsity team travels to Edgewood to take on the Cougars.

    The junior varsity team competes at Elder this Saturday at the JV City Championships, and the Freshmen team heads to Columbus for the Dublin All-State Tournament.

    Greater Miami Conference

    Middletown High School, Middletown, OH
    January 13, 2018

    Greater Miami Conference Scores
    1. Colerain 172.5; 2. Mason 150.0; 3. Sycamore 136.0; 4. Fairfield 133.0; 5. Princeton 129.5; 6. Lak. West 103.0; 7. Lak. East 93.0; 8. Middletown 69.5; 9. Oak Hills 62.0; 10. Hamilton 35.5;

    First Place
    106: Marsel Sabirdjanov (Mason) dec. Adam Gelman (Sycamore) 12-10;
    113: Bryce Williams (Mason) dec. Jake Lentz (Fairfield) 6-2;
    120: Bryce Sears (Colerain) dec. Logan Kopfler (Mason) 6-5;
    126: Jaymar Brown (Colerain) dec. Brandon Mitchell (Oak Hills) 7-4;
    132: Micah Cottrell (Princeton) dec. Braeden Shanklin (Fairfield) 9-6;
    138: Jacob Castillo (Middletown) maj. Dec. Tannar Beermann (Fairfield) md15-7;
    144: Eugene Harney (Sycamore) maj. dec. Matthew Szczepaniak (Lak. West) md12-1;
    150: Tim Smith (Colerain) tech. fall Josh Allen (Lak. West) tf17-2;
    157: Seth Kroeger (Colerain) pin Kameron Freeman (Lak. East) 3:07;
    165: Lane Abrams (Fairfield) dec. Maceo Powell (Princeton) 7-3;
    175: Pierre Amegadzie (Princeton) dec. Evan Huxsoll (Fairfield) 6-4;
    190: Tavier Lugo-Flowers (Princeton) pin Ronan Casanova (Middletown) 1:13;
    215: Zyair Anderson (Colerain) dec. Adham Shalash (Oak Hills) 8-4;
    285: Skyler Horn (Mason) pin Jay Taylor (Middletown) 1:13;

    Third Place
    106: Jamie Mackey (Princeton) pin Sneh Patel (Fairfield) 1:24;
    113: Dimitri Mangano (Sycamore) maj. dec. Zep Absher (Lak. East) md11-2;
    120: Cameron Preston (Lak. East) def. Hunter Smith (Fairfield) Default;
    126: Mitchell McMillen (Mason) dec. Avery Young (Princeton) 5-2;
    132: Kyser Kostoff (Colerain) pin Tyler Epstein (Lak. East) 1:36;
    138: Amir Isakov (Sycamore) dec. Freddy Tallarigo (Oak Hills) 5-4;
    144: Gabe Adams (Fairfield) dec. Elorm Nevis (Colerain) 2-1;
    150: Brady Singler (Oak Hills) dec. Connor Seper (Sycamore) 3-2;
    157: Waylon West (Mason) pin Will Allen (Lak. West) 4:35;
    165: Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) dec. Vaughn Nguyen (Lak. West) 6-2;
    175: Cooper Skelton (Lak. West) pin Tom Coyne (Sycamore) 2:40;
    190: Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) dec. Cohen Reip (Lak. East) 9-3;
    215: Kevin Kornau (Lak. East) dec. Micah Harris (Lak. West) 4-3;
    285: Benjamin Bobst (Sycamore) pin Jamier Carpenter (Colerain) 2:17;

    Consolation Semifinal
    106: Sneh Patel (Fairfield) dec. Jagwinder Singh (Lak. East) 8-1; Jamie Mackey (Princeton) pin Jack Boerger (Colerain) 4:30;
    113: Zep Absher (Lak. East) pin Christian Kincaid (Hamilton) 2:33; Dimitri Mangano (Sycamore) pin Seth Fogelson (Lak. West) 3:55;
    120: Cameron Preston (Lak. East) pin Chase Riggle (Lak. West) 2:52; Hunter Smith (Fairfield) def. Andre Sye (Oak Hills) Default;
    126: Avery Young (Princeton) dec. Brendan Laux (Sycamore) 7-1; Mitchell McMillen (Mason) pin Noah Iglesia (Hamilton) 2:14;
    132: Kyser Kostoff (Colerain) maj. dec. Cameron Messerschmidt (Sycamore) md10-2; Tyler Epstein (Lak. East) pin Lucas Lippeatt (Mason) 2:45;
    138: Amir Isakov (Sycamore) dec. Micah Reynolds (Lak. West) 4-2; Freddy Tallarigo (Oak Hills) pin Chase Blevins (Mason) 2:00;
    144: Gabe Adams (Fairfield) pin Ben Hart (Mason) 4:59; Elorm Nevis (Colerain) pin Brayden Reip (Lak. East) 4:57;
    150: Brady Singler (Oak Hills) pin Josiah Madaris (Princeton) 1:26; Connor Seper (Sycamore) dec. Dylan Kallenbach (Lak. East) 5-2;
    157: Waylon West (Mason) pin Gary Olimov (Sycamore) 4:59; Will Allen (Lak. West) tech. fall Tyler Bryant (Hamilton) tf17-2;
    165: Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) pin Logan Jones (Colerain) 0:57; Vaughn Nguyen (Lak. West) dec. Julner Waldon (Mason) 3-2;
    175: Cooper Skelton (Lak. West) pin Jadan Folsom (Colerain) 2:06; Tom Coyne (Sycamore) pin Bobby Dadabo (Hamilton) 1:49;
    190: Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) maj. dec. Caden Brock (Hamilton) md10-1; Cohen Reip (Lak. East) dec. Cory Whatley (Lak. West) 5-3;
    215: Micah Harris (Lak. West) dec. Gabe Terrell (Middletown) 13-7; Kevin Kornau (Lak. East) pin Bryce Pearson (Mason) 0:59;
    285: Benjamin Bobst (Sycamore) dec. Joseph Jackson Jr (Lak. West) 6-5; Jamier Carpenter (Colerain) dec. Jiaehr Short (Princeton) 3-1;

    Third Consolation
    106: Jagwinder Singh (Lak. East) dec. Michael Schumacher (Lak. West) 4-3; Jack Boerger (Colerain) dec. Chazz Tallarigo (Oak Hills) 5-2;
    113: Zep Absher (Lak. East) pin Brady Abel (Oak Hills) 0:39; Seth Fogelson (Lak. West) tech. fall Bailey Brewer (Colerain) tf17-0;
    120: Chase Riggle (Lak. West) pin Reese Day (Hamilton) 2:13; Andre Sye (Oak Hills) pin Nolan Erck (Sycamore) 3:14;
    126: Brendan Laux (Sycamore) pin Isaiah Witmer (Lak. West) 0:53; Noah Iglesia (Hamilton) dec. Jazz Simpson (Middletown) 9-3;
    132: Cameron Messerschmidt (Sycamore) pin Tyler Isbell (Middletown) 2:38; Lucas Lippeatt (Mason) dec. Ty Bastin (Lak. West) 17-11;
    138: Amir Isakov (Sycamore) maj. dec. Sam Osborn (Colerain) md14-4; Chase Blevins (Mason) pin Trenton Cottrell (Princeton) 2:48;
    144: Gabe Adams (Fairfield) pin Gavin Tabb (Hamilton) 0:56; Brayden Reip (Lak. East) pin Jeffrey Sanchez (Middletown) 4:44;
    157: Gary Olimov (Sycamore) pin Kyllen Guy (Middletown) 1:48; Tyler Bryant (Hamilton) dec. Connor Schneider (Oak Hills) 15-10;
    165: Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) pin Ethan Williams (Lak. East) 2:46; Julner Waldon (Mason) dec. Grant Carmody (Sycamore) 9-6;
    175: Jadan Folsom (Colerain) pin Nick Lawson (Oak Hills) 3:56; Bobby Dadabo (Hamilton) dec. Lemondte Chambers (Middletown) 8-4;
    190: Caden Brock (Hamilton) pin Omar Khalil (Mason) 0:46; Cohen Reip (Lak. East) pin Eder Sanchez (Colerain) 5:24;
    215: Micah Harris (Lak. West) pin Damir Williams (Fairfield) 2:49; Bryce Pearson (Mason) maj. dec. Mauricio Gutierrez (Princeton) md17-3;
    285: Benjamin Bobst (Sycamore) pin Jalen Ashford (Lak. East) 1:23; Jamier Carpenter (Colerain) pin Jackson Hodges (Hamilton) 0:53;

    106: Adam Gelman (Sycamore) pin Sneh Patel (Fairfield) 0:22; Marsel Sabirdjanov (Mason) pin Jamie Mackey (Princeton) 4:55;
    113: Bryce Williams (Mason) pin Christian Kincaid (Hamilton) 1:31; Jake Lentz (Fairfield) maj. dec. Dimitri Mangano (Sycamore) md16-4;
    120: Bryce Sears (Colerain) maj. dec. Cameron Preston (Lak. East) md12-0; Logan Kopfler (Mason) pin Hunter Smith (Fairfield) 3:23;
    126: Brandon Mitchell (Oak Hills) pin Avery Young (Princeton) 1:16; Jaymar Brown (Colerain) pin Mitchell McMillen (Mason) 3:26;
    132: Micah Cottrell (Princeton) pin Kyser Kostoff (Colerain) 3:13; Braeden Shanklin (Fairfield) maj. dec. Tyler Epstein (Lak. East) md12-4;
    138: Tannar Beermann (Fairfield) pin Micah Reynolds (Lak. West) 1:36; Jacob Castillo (Middletown) dec. Freddy Tallarigo (Oak Hills) 10-4;
    144: Eugene Harney (Sycamore) pin Ben Hart (Mason) 2:40; Matthew Szczepaniak (Lak. West) dec. Elorm Nevis (Colerain) 8-4;
    150: Tim Smith (Colerain) pin Brady Singler (Oak Hills) 2:40; Josh Allen (Lak. West) dec.* Connor Seper (Sycamore) 9-2;
    157: Seth Kroeger (Colerain) dec. Waylon West (Mason) 9-7 OT; Kameron Freeman (Lak. East) dec. Will Allen (Lak. West) 2-1;
    165: Lane Abrams (Fairfield) pin Logan Jones (Colerain) 0:56; Maceo Powell (Princeton) dec. Vaughn Nguyen (Lak. West) 3-1;
    175: Evan Huxsoll (Fairfield) dec. Cooper Skelton (Lak. West) 5-3; Pierre Amegadzie (Princeton) dec. Tom Coyne (Sycamore) 9-7;
    190: Tavier Lugo-Flowers (Princeton) pin Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) 1:18; Ronan Casanova (Middletown) pin Cory Whatley (Lak. West) 2:43;
    215: Zyair Anderson (Colerain) pin Gabe Terrell (Middletown) 5:06; Adham Shalash (Oak Hills) dec. Kevin Kornau (Lak. East) 3-1;
    285: Skyler Horn (Mason) pin Joseph Jackson Jr (Lak. West) 1:12; Jay Taylor (Middletown) dec. Jiaehr Short (Princeton) 5-2;

    Second Consolation
    126: Brendan Laux (Sycamore) forfeit Wyatt Childress (Lak. East) Forfeit;
    132: Tyler Isbell (Middletown) pin Julien Cox (Oak Hills) 1:34; Lucas Lippeatt (Mason) pin Julius Knowles (Hamilton) 2:30;
    138: Amir Isakov (Sycamore) pin Mason Tideswell (Lak. East) 4:42; Chase Blevins (Mason) pin Ralph Maurmeier (Hamilton) 2:30;
    144: Gavin Tabb (Hamilton) pin Owen Brauninger (Oak Hills) 3:25;
    165: Ethan Williams (Lak. East) def. Ethan Harris (Oak Hills) Default; Grant Carmody (Sycamore) pin Zion Jarman (Middletown) 1:58;
    175: Bobby Dadabo (Hamilton) dec. Carson Downs (Mason) 9-4;
    190: Cohen Reip (Lak. East) pin Jack Hibbard (Fairfield) 2:05;
    215: Damir Williams (Fairfield) pin Araht Rocha (Hamilton) 2:43;
    285: Jalen Ashford (Lak. East) pin Brighton Whelpdale (Oak Hills) 0:16; Jackson Hodges (Hamilton) pin Kasey Coning (Fairfield) 4:34;

    106: Adam Gelman (Sycamore) pin Chazz Tallarigo (Oak Hills) 3:44; Sneh Patel (Fairfield) dec. Jack Boerger (Colerain) 7-4; Jamie Mackey (Princeton) dec. Michael Schumacher (Lak. West) 14-13; Marsel Sabirdjanov (Mason) pin Jagwinder Singh (Lak. East) 2:00;
    113: Bryce Williams (Mason) pin Seth Fogelson (Lak. West) 3:12; Christian Kincaid (Hamilton) tech. fall Bailey Brewer (Colerain) tf20-5; Dimitri Mangano (Sycamore) maj. dec. Zep Absher (Lak. East) md9-0; Jake Lentz (Fairfield) pin Brady Abel (Oak Hills) 0:12;
    120: Bryce Sears (Colerain) pin Andre Sye (Oak Hills) 1:00; Cameron Preston (Lak. East) pin Nolan Erck (Sycamore) 4:29; Logan Kopfler (Mason) pin Chase Riggle (Lak. West) 0:55; Hunter Smith (Fairfield) pin Reese Day (Hamilton) 0:05;
    126: Brandon Mitchell (Oak Hills) pin* Noah Iglesia (Hamilton) 2:23; Avery Young (Princeton) pin Jazz Simpson (Middletown) 0:58; Mitchell McMillen (Mason) forfeit* Wyatt Childress (Lak. East) Forfeit; Jaymar Brown (Colerain) pin* Isaiah Witmer (Lak. West) 1:06;
    132: Micah Cottrell (Princeton) tech. fall Ty Bastin (Lak. West) tf17-2; Kyser Kostoff (Colerain) pin* Lucas Lippeatt (Mason) 3:06; Braeden Shanklin (Fairfield) dec. Cameron Messerschmidt (Sycamore) 6-4; Tyler Epstein (Lak. East) pin* Julien Cox (Oak Hills) 0:19;
    138: Tannar Beermann (Fairfield) pin* Ralph Maurmeier (Hamilton) 1:21; Micah Reynolds (Lak. West) pin Trenton Cottrell (Princeton) 1:41; Freddy Tallarigo (Oak Hills) maj. dec.* Mason Tideswell (Lak. East) md14-4; Jacob Castillo (Middletown) tech. fall Sam Osborn (Colerain) tf16-1;
    144: Eugene Harney (Sycamore) pin* Brayden Reip (Lak. East) 1:30; Ben Hart (Mason) pin Jeffrey Sanchez (Middletown) 1:15; Elorm Nevis (Colerain) pin* Owen Brauninger (Oak Hills) 2:23; Matthew Szczepaniak (Lak. West) pin* Gabe Adams (Fairfield) 1:00;
    150: Tim Smith (Colerain) pin Dylan Kallenbach (Lak. East) 1:01; Connor Seper (Sycamore) pin Josiah Madaris (Princeton) 2:56;
    157: Waylon West (Mason) pin Tyler Bryant (Hamilton) 1:24; Seth Kroeger (Colerain) pin Connor Schneider (Oak Hills) 0:39; Kameron Freeman (Lak. East) pin Kyllen Guy (Middletown) 1:24; Will Allen (Lak. West) pin Gary Olimov (Sycamore) 3:24;
    165: Lane Abrams (Fairfield) pin* Zion Jarman (Middletown) 0:18; Logan Jones (Colerain) pin* Julner Waldon (Mason) 6:00; Maceo Powell (Princeton) pin* Ethan Harris (Oak Hills) 1:12; Vaughn Nguyen (Lak. West) dec.* Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) 3-2;
    175: Evan Huxsoll (Fairfield) pin* Bobby Dadabo (Hamilton) 2:17; Cooper Skelton (Lak. West) pin* Lemondte Chambers (Middletown) 1:13; Tom Coyne (Sycamore) pin* Nick Lawson (Oak Hills) 0:40; Pierre Amegadzie (Princeton) pin* Jadan Folsom (Colerain) 1:42;
    190: Tavier Lugo-Flowers (Princeton) pin* Eder Sanchez (Colerain) 0:24; Matthew Bonn (Sycamore) maj. dec.* Cohen Reip (Lak. East) md10-2; Cory Whatley (Lak. West) pin* Omar Khalil (Mason) 2:46; Ronan Casanova (Middletown) pin* Caden Brock (Hamilton) 2:45;
    215: Zyair Anderson (Colerain) pin* Mauricio Gutierrez (Princeton) 0:23; Gabe Terrell (Middletown) pin* Bryce Pearson (Mason) 1:20; Adham Shalash (Oak Hills) maj. dec.* Micah Harris (Lak. West) md12-4; Kevin Kornau (Lak. East) pin* Damir Williams (Fairfield) 1:40;
    285: Skyler Horn (Mason) pin* Jamier Carpenter (Colerain) 3:55; Joseph Jackson Jr (Lak. West) pin* Jackson Hodges (Hamilton) 1:21; Jiaehr Short (Princeton) pin Benjamin Bobst (Sycamore) 4:34; Jay Taylor (Middletown) dec.* Jalen Ashford (Lak. East) 4-1;

    First Round
    126: Avery Young (Princeton) maj. dec. Brendan Laux (Sycamore) md10-0;
    132: Micah Cottrell (Princeton) pin Tyler Isbell (Middletown) 1:26; Braeden Shanklin (Fairfield) pin Julius Knowles (Hamilton) 1:08;
    138: Micah Reynolds (Lak. West) pin Amir Isakov (Sycamore) 5:59; Jacob Castillo (Middletown) pin Chase Blevins (Mason) 1:18;
    144: Ben Hart (Mason) pin Gavin Tabb (Hamilton) 2:30;
    165: Julner Waldon (Mason) pin Ethan Williams (Lak. East) 5:00; Quinn Bullard (Hamilton) pin Grant Carmody (Sycamore) 1:18;
    175: Jadan Folsom (Colerain) pin Carson Downs (Mason) 1:16;
    190: Omar Khalil (Mason) pin Jack Hibbard (Fairfield) 1:05;
    215: Mauricio Gutierrez (Princeton) pin Araht Rocha (Hamilton) 2:35;
    285: Jamier Carpenter (Colerain) pin Brighton Whelpdale (Oak Hills) 0:35; Jiaehr Short (Princeton) pin Kasey Coning (Fairfield) 5:59;

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