Lakota West Firebirds

    Athletic Facilites

    Firebird Field

    Spectator Capacity
    -Behind home plate bleacher seating, 184
    -Bleacher seating down right field line, 90
    Press box capacity (nominal), 6
    -scoreboard operator, PA announcer, scorers, working press & radio as required.
    Field Dimensions
    -Outfield Fence… 328 feet down the right & left field lines…
    390 feet to straight away centerfield
    -Fence height…7.5 feet
    -Distance from home plate to backstop… 56 feet

    Main Street Arena
    Basketball, Wrestling, & Volleyball

    Spectator Capacity (all sports)
    -Home side seating…1284…(689 court side & 595 upper) -Visitor side seating… 663 …(court side)
    -Total permanent seating …1947
    -Temp. end court bleachers & standing room…253
    -Total spectator capacity (nominal)…2200 (room is fire code approved for 2400)
    Scorers & Press Tables can accommodate approximately 15 in the two tier arrangement.
    -Bleacher seating …140 (upper gym)
    Court Dimensions
    -Basketball…50 feet x 94 feet (college and pro standard) on main court and upper court.
    -Volleyball…9 meters x 18 meters (international standard, high school approved)An auxilliary basketball court is in an adjoining room.  This court has standard high school dimensions (50 x 84 feet) and very limited seating (approximately 100).

    Firebird Field

    Spectator Capacity:
    -Permanent behind the plate bleacher seating, 94
    -Also limited room for lawn chairs and standing room, both behind home plate and down both lines.
    Press box capacity(nominal)… 6, scoreboard operator, public address announcer, scorers, and working press.
    Field Dimensions:
    -Outfield Fence 205 feet down left and right field lines, 217 feet to straight away centerfield.
    -Outfield fence height 7.5 feet
    -Distance to backstop 23 feet

    Firebird Stadium
    Football, Track, Lacrosse, Soccer (Artificial Turf)

    Spectator Capacity
    -Home side seating… 2460
    -Visiting side sseating.. 1000
    -Total permanent seating … 3460
    -Temp. seating & standing room… 540 (approx.)
    -Nominal Total Capacity… 4000
    Field House
    -Located adjacent to football field…
    contains home team, visiting team, and officials locker room facilities.
    Field Dimensions
    -Artificial Turf Surface lined for football, lacrosse, and soccer,  surrounded by
    a 400 meter, eight lane, all weather track. Field event areas for pole vault, long jump, and high jump at ends.
    Shot put and Discuss area’s nearby.
    Press Box
    Main room accomodations -17 for working press, stat crews, guests.
    Eight Small Rooms with accommodations for 24 … coaches, timer/scorer, radio, TV, scouts, PA announcers
    Roof (unprotected from weather)…10… film & TV camera crews

    Cummins Soccer Park
    Soccer (Grass Surface) 

    Spectator Capacity:
    Home Side Permanent 1000
    Visiting Side Permanent 500
    Total Permanent 1500
    Temp Seating and Standing Room 450
    Nominal Total Capacity 1950
    Press Box:
    -Main room accommodations… 10… Timer/scoreboard, Stats, press, other
    -Roof & film decks (unprotected) …10Press Box:
    Field Dimensions:
    73 yards by 110 yards

    West High School Courts

    Spectator Capacity
    -Bleacher end court seating…60
    -Lawn chair & standing…ample at one end of courts
    -Five side by side courts with all weather surfaces.

    Off-Site Facilities


    Gilmore Lanes
    5595 Dixie Highway
    Fairfield, Ohio 45014

    Men’s Golf



    Lakota YMCA
    6703 Yankee Road
    Liberty Twp., OH 45044
    10 swimming lanes. 4 feet to 12 feet in depth.

    Women’s Golf

    Hamilton Elks Golf Club 
    4444 Hamilton Middletown Road
    Hamilton, OH 45011
    PH: (513) 887-4384Three different nines available named red, white, and blue.  Each are par 36, approx. 2,700 yards in length.Par 36+36=72

    Cross Country Course

    Voice of America Park
    Standard 5k (3.1 mile) course over gently rolling prairie terrain. Located at Voice of America Park, West Chester Ohio. This course is shared by the schools of the Lakota School District and has often been the site of both the GMC Championship Meet and the OHSAA Cincinnati District Meet.








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