Lakota West Firebirds

    Boys Basketball Archives/Records

    Season Summaries
    SeasonOverall W/LGMC RecordGMC StandingCity RankState
    Tourn W-LTourn Adv.Coach
    1997-9815-712-42101-1Final 64Mike Mueller
    1998-9914-810-6T31-1Final 64Mike Mueller
    1999-0018-513-3T262-1Final 32Mike Mueller
    2000-0111-116-10T71-1Final 64Mike Mueller
    2001-0212-912-42T130-1Final 128Mike Mueller
    2002-0317-414-2131-1Final 64Mike Mueller
    2003-0415-810-6T362-1Final 64Mike Mueller
    2004-0519-413-3352-1Final 32Mike Mueller
    2005-0623-313-11184-1Final 8Mike Mueller
    2006-0715-88-6T392-1Final 64Mike Mueller
    2007-0812-108-65T161-1Final 128Mike Mueller
    2008-0912-98-6470-1Initial 200Scott Mueller
    2009-1014-812-2251-1Final 64Sean Van Winkle
     2010-11 9-13 5-9 6 — – 1-1 Final 128Sean Van Winkle
     2011-1215-711-3T261-1Final 128Sean Van Winkle
    2012-1316-89-5T1 (4way)51-1Final 64Sean Van Winkle
    2013-1417-710-4331-1Final 64Sean Van Winkle
    2014-158-158-8T50-1Initial 199Matt Rooks
    2015-1615-912-4T2101-1Final 128Matt Rooks
    2016-177-165-11T80-1Initial 199Matt Rooks
    2017-184-192-14100-1Initial 199Matt Rooks
    2018-195-182-14100-1Initial 199Jim Leon
    2019-2014-128-86143-1Final 32Jim Leon
    2020-2116-99-55112-1Final 64Jim Leon
    2021-2214-117-95112-1Final 32Jim Leon
    2022-23Jim Leon
    City Rank was Enquirer Coaches Poll until 2019-20 and then tournament seed number.
    Team Records (updated through end 2021-22season) 
    Most Points Scored99-56 Wvs. Fairborn (A), 12/21/2019
    Fewest Points Scored26-52 Lvs. Lakota East (H), 1/20/2017
    Fewest Points Allowed52-14 Wvs.Colerain (H), 12/12/2014
    Most Points Allowed81-87 L
    84-87 o.t. L
    vs. Trotwood-Madison (A),  2/8/2014
    vs. Oak Hills (A), 2/4/20
    Most Wins in a season232005-2006
    Most Consecutive Wins111999-2000
    Fewest Losses in a season32005-2006
    Best Winning Percentage88.5%2005-2006
    Largest Avg. Margin of Victory (Pts./Gm.)16.32005-2006
    Per Game Averages
    Most Points Scored67.22019-2020
    Fewest Points Allowed45.72005-2006
    Blocked Shots4.02005-2006
    Best Shooting Pct.
    Field Goal Pct.48.5(474/978)      1998-1999
    3pt. Field Goal Pct.41.1(202/491)       2020-2021
    Free Throw Pct.78.0(283/363)       2020-2021
    Individual Records (updated through the 2021-22 season)
    Game51Nathan Dudukovich27 Dec. 2021, vs. North Raleigh, N.C. Christian Academy at Harlan High, Kentucky
    Season Total531Nathan Dudukovich2021-22 (22 games, 25.3 ppg)
    Season/Game25.3Nathan Dudukovich2021-22 (22 games)
    Career Total1211Dan Hutzelman1996-99
    Career/Game18.3Dan Hutzelman1996-99 (66 games)
    Game18Dan DeGrace2002-03 vs. Colerain (A)
    18Josh Chichester2003-04 vs. Trotwood (N, UD Arena)
    Season Total235Brady Weber2020-21
    Season/Game9.6Robby Schloemer2006-07
    Career Total601Josh Chichester2002-06
    Career/Game8.3Dan DeGrace2001-2003
    Game11Dane Romero2004-05 vs. Oak Hills (H)
    Season Total107Dane Romero2003-04
    Season/Game4.9Dane Romero2003-04
    Career Total303Dane Romero2001-05
    Career/Game3.5Dane Romero2001-05
    Game8William Layfield2021-22 vs. Milford (H)
    Season Total76William Layfield2021-22
    Season/Game3.0William Layfield2021-22
    Career Total170Jordan Hicks2006-10
    Career/Game2.1Josh Romero1996-00
    Blocked Shots
    Game8Jackson Blue2011-12 Princeton (A)
    Season Total63Josh Chichester2005-06
    Season/Game2.4Josh Chichester2005-06
    Career Total159Josh Chichester2002-06
    Career/Game2.1Josh Chichester2002-06
    Field Goal %
    Season          –100 FGA Minimum63.4%Vince Cook2005-06205 Attempts
    Career           –200 FGA Minimum62.3%Vince Cook2004-06231 Attempts
    3pt. Season – 45 FGA Minimum50.0 %Steve Gilday2002-0348 Attempts
    3pt. Career   – 90 FGA Minimum40.6Kelvin Turner2018-2021278 Attempts
    Free Throw %
    Season           – 45 FTA Minimum91.7 % Kelvin Turner2020-2196 Attempts
    Career            -100 FTA Minimum87.8 %Kelvin Turner2018-21139 Attempts
    Free Throws Made29John Allshouse2001-03*
    Field Goals Made12Nathan Dudukovich2020-21
    3 pt. Field Goals Made8J.C. Casper2005-06
    * spanned two season
    Career Leaders  (updated through the 2021-22 season)
    1Dan Hutzelman*12111996-991Josh Chichester6012002-06
    2Nathan Dudukovich11602019-active2Brady Weber4592019-21
    3Jordan Hicks10622006-103Brian LaChapelle4182001-04
    4Brian LaChapelle9922001-044Jordan Hicks4142006-10
    5Tyler Williams9202010-145Tyler Bowling3852011-14
    6Carter Combs8672017-206Josh Romero*3711996-00
    7Andy Dunn8561997-007Dan DeGrace3472001-03
    8Ali Barnes8532009-138Robby Schloemer3412004-07
    9Josh Chichester8232002-069Dan Hutzelman*3371996-99
    10Monty Boykins7632009-1310Phil Cook3002009-11
    1Dane Romero3032001-051Jordan Hicks1702006-10
    2Jordan Hicks2242006-102Dane Romero1512001-05
    3Josh Romero*1791996-003Josh Romero*1471996-00
    4Tyler Williams1752010-144Josh Chichester1002002-06
    5J.C. Casper1742002-065Ali Barnes932009-13
    6Dan Hutzelman*1631996-996Malik Grove882011-14
    7Scott Hasselback1501997-99T7J.C. Casper862002-06
    T8Andy Dunn1411997-00T7William Layfield862020-22
    T8Obi Nwankwo1412007-109Tyler Williams842010-14
    10John Allshouse1312000-0310Carter Combs832017-20
    Shot BlocksGames Played
    1Josh Chichester1592002-061Jordan Hicks872006-10
    2Tyler Bowling702011-142Dane Romero862001-05
    T3Dan DeGrace542001-033Tyler Williams792010-14
    T3Jordan Hicks542006-10T4Josh Chichester772002-06
    5Phil Cook502001-04T4Brad Gschwind772003-07
    6Brian LaChapelle492001-046J.C. Casper762002-06
    7Jackson Blue392010-127Carter Combs722017-20
    T8Chris Connell362009-118Nathan Dudukovich712019-active
    T8Mitch Webber362014-169Josh Romero*691996-00
    10Nathan Dudukovich322019-active10Andy Dunn671997-00
    *For players starting at old Lakota the combined Lakota and Lakota West totals are shown.
    All GMC
    1997-98Dan Hutzelman
    Andy Dunn
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    1998-99Dan Hutzelman
    Andy Dunn
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    1999-00Andy Dunn
    Josh Romero
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2000-01Dave HutzelmanHon. Mention
    2001-02Chris Mays
    Dale Smiley
    Brian LaChapelle
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2002-03Brian LaChapelle
    Dan DeGrace
    John Allshouse
    Mike Mueller
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    Coach of Year
    2003-04Brian LaChapelle
    Josh Chichester
    Dane Romero
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2nd Team
    2004-05Josh Chichester
    Todd Mayberry
    Dane Romero
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2nd Team
    2005-06Josh Chichester
    Matt Karaffa
    J.C. Casper
    Vince Cook
    Mike Mueller
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2nd Team
    Coach of Year
    2006-07Robby Schloemer
    Brad Gschwind
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2007-08Jordan Hicks1st Team
    2008-09Brandon Candella
    Jordan Hicks
    Alex Smith
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2nd Team
    2009-10Jordan Hicks
    Obi Nwankwo
    Phil Cook
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
     2010-11Monty Boykins
    Phil Cook
    1st Team
    2nd Team
     2011-12Monty Boykins
    Ali Barnes
    Tyler Williams
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
     2012-13Ali Barnes
    Tyler Williams
    Tyler Bowling
    Sean VanWinkle
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    Co-Coach of Year
     2013-14Tyler Williams
    Malik Grove
    Tyler Bowling
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2014-15Jake Biehle2nd Team
     2015-16Jake Biehle
    Mitch Webber
    Ky Matress
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2016-17Frank Schmitt2nd Team
    2018-19Carter Combs2nd Team
    2019-20Julian Mackey
    Carter Combs
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    2020-21Kelvin Turner
    Brady Weber
    Nathan Dudukovich
    1st Team
    1st Team
    1st Team
    2021-22Nathan Dudukovich
    William Layfield
    1st Team
    2nd Team
    Note: All honors are by coaches vote.  The Athlete of the Year Award was introduced beginning in 2002.
    Honors allocation over the years–
    1998 thru 2001………….  5 First Team….  5 Second Team….  5 Honorable Mention
    2002 thru 2009………….  9 First Team….  8 Second Team…. (Honorable Mention discontinued)
    2010 thru 2014…….. 10 First Team…. 10 Second Team
    2015 thru present…. 11 First Team…. 10 Second Team
    All State
    1998-99Dan HutzelmanHonorable Mention
    2002-03Dan DeGraceHonorable Mention
    2004-05Josh ChichesterHonorable Mention
    2005-06Josh Chichester2nd Team
    2006-07Robby SchloemerHonorable Mention
    2009-10Jordan HicksHonorable Mention
     2011-12Monty BoykinsHonorable Mention
     2013-14Tyler WilliamsHonorable Mention
     2019-20Julian MackayHonorable Mention
     2020-21Nathan DudukovichHonorable Mention
     2021-22Nathan Dudukovich2nd Team
    Voted by a state media panel for the Associated Press. Eleven players are selected to the first team, ten to the second team, and ten to the third team. 15 (approx.) more receive special mention and another 40 (approx.) receive honorable mention. There are between 190 and 200 division 1 teams in Ohio.
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