Lakota West Firebirds

    Boys Golf Archives/Records

    Season Summaries
    SeasonW/L*GMC PlaceCity Rank**Sectional PlaceDistrict PlaceState Place
    200015-11111State Champs
    2009 5-2 1 3 38 –
    20104-634 2 4 –
    2011 2-3 4 – 4 9 –
    20122-7276 –
    20138-5685 –
    20147-54128 –
    * Won/Lost record in head to head matches, i.e. dual, tri, and quad matches
    ** Cincinnati Enquirer coaches poll (Discontinued in 2019)
    Jack Buhi coached from 1997-2001
    Chris Conway coached from 2002-present
    Individual Records 
    Low Scores
    Low 9(in 9 hole events only)34Kenton Hobbs9/12/00Par – 36
    Course – Weatherwax, Meadows 9
    Event – Dual Match
    Opponent – Middletown
    Place – Medalist
    34Matt Cushman9/14/00Par – 36
    Course – Hamilton Elks, Red 9
    Event – Tri Match
    Opponents – St. Xavier, Sycamore
    Place – Medalist
    34Ryan Heinly9/15/04Par – 36
    Course – Beckett Ridge, Front 9
    Event – Dual Match
    Opponent – Elder
    Place – Medalist
    34Korey Ward8/27/09Par – 36
    Course – Four Bridges, Front 9
    Event – Lakota East Quad
    Opponents: Lakota East, Mason, Middletown
    Place – Medalist
    8/14/10Par – 36
    Course – Blue Ash G.C., Front 9
    Event – Sycamore Invitational
    Opponents: Field of 18 schools (90 players)
    Place – Medalist
    9/8/10Par – 36
    Course – Glenview G.C., East 9
    Event – Dual match
    Opponent: Sycamore
    Place – Medalist
    9/13/10Par – 36
    Course – Hyde Park C.C., Front 9
    Event – Dual match
    Opponent: St. Xavier
    Place – Medalist
    Low 1864 (30,34)Korey Ward8/16/09Par – 72 (36,36)
    Course – Shaker Run, Lakeside & Meadows nines
    Event – Lebanon Invitational
    Opponents -16 teams
    Place – Medalist out of 96 competitors
    Low 36137 (69,68)Korey Ward9/23/09 & 9/24/09Par – 72
    Course – Weatherwax G.C., Higlands & Woodside 9’s
    Event – GMC Tournament (30th annual)  Set new scoring record.
    Place – Medalist in a field of 54 competitors
    Low Season Avg.35.76Korey Ward2010Average based on 25*  equivalent nine hole rounds. Average relative to par -0.12.     * 25 nines plus a 2 hole playoff
    Low Career Avg.36.51Korey Ward2007-10Average  based on 129  equivalent nine hole rounds. Average relative to par +0.76


    Team Records
    Low 9-Hole Score
    14634- Matt Cushman
    35- Roddy Stieger
    38- Kevin Buhrlage
    39- Kenton Hobbs
    39- Brent Hubert
    9/14/00Course – Hamilton Elks, red nine
    Par – 36
    Event – Tri-match (won both matches)
    Opponent – St Xavier, Sycamore
    Format – Best 4 of 6 medal play
    Low 18-Hole Score
    Score TeamDate Notes
    29873- Roddy Stieger
    73- Ryan Williams
    76- Kenton Hobbs
    76- Matt Cushman
    10/5/00Course – Glenview, West & South 9’s
    Par – 72
    Event (Place)- Sectional Tournament (1st)
    Format – Best 4 of 5 medal play
    29870- Kyle Ward
    75- Ryan Williams
    76- Mark Senne
    77- Drew Frey
    77- Sean Pramuk
    8/15/01Course – Glenview, West & South 9’s
    Par – 72
    Event (Place)- Princeton Invitational (1st)
    Format – best 4 of 6 medal play
    29873- Scott Watkins
    74- Mark Senne
    75- Sean Pramuk
    76- Kyle Ward
    8/24/02Course – Indian Ridge G.C.
    Par – 72
    Event (Place) – Big Blue Invitational (1st*)
    Format – best 4 of 6 medal play
    *Drew Frey shot 77 to win tournament by 5th man tie breaker rule
    Low 36-Hole Score
    59770,73– Toku Fujisara
    73,78– Michael Fickle
    76,75– Griffin Wullenweber
    74,78– Emerson Weiland
    80,78 – Dominic Nguyen
    79,81 – Mathew Krummen
    9/19/23, 9/20/23Course – Waldon Ponds
    Par – 72
    Event (Place)- GMC Tournament (1st)
    Format – Best 4 of 6 medal play each day
    Previous record set in 2002 GMC Tournament at Hueston Woods golf course  which was also won by Lakota West.
    Low Season Average (9-Hole Equivalent)
    Kyle WardAlex Hampton
    Scott WatkinsBrian Placko
    Sean PramukRyan Heinly
    Mark SenneDrew Frey
    *The number of equivalent nine hole rounds used in computing this 2002 record was 31. Average over par- 10.09


    Par & Sub Par 18 Hole Rounds
    NameTotal No. of Par and Sub Par Rounds Low Round ScoreCourseEventYears
    Korey Ward26 64 (-8)Shaker Run, Lakeside/Meadows2009 Lebanon Invitational2007-10
    Kenton Hobbs3 69 (-3)
    69 (-3)
    Yankee Trace G.C.
    Hueston Woods G.C.
    Centerville Quad
    GMC Tournament
    all 2000
    Alex Hampton3 71 (-1)
    71 (-1)
    69 (-1)
    Glenview, West/South
    Beckett Ridge C.C.
    Fairfield G.C.
    Princeton Invitational
    Kings Invitational
    Fairfield Invitational
    all 2003
    Jason Hotaling1 70 (-2)Yankee Trace G.C.Centerville Quad1998
    Kyle Ward1 70 (-2)Glenview, West/SouthPrinceton Invitational2001
    Jacob Brownley2 70 (-2)Beavercreek G.C.Beavercreek Invitational2018
    Brent Hubert1 71 (-1)Glenview, West/SouthPrinceton Invitational2000
    Jared Schroeder1 71 (-1)Weatherwax, Woodside/HighlandsHadley Invitational2010
    Marshall Stretch1 71 (-1)Glenview, East/SouthSectional Tournament2012
    Scott Watkins1 72 (E)Hueston Woods G.C.GMC Tournament2002
    Mark Senne1 72 (E)Beckett Ridge C.C.Kings Invitational2003
    Ross Johnson1 72 (E)Shaker Run, Lakeside/MeadowsLebanon Invitational2008
    Luke Daignault1 72 (E)Waldon Ponds G.C.GMC Tournament2019



    Top 10 Lakota West State Tournament Scores




     1.148 Korey Ward2010
    2.151Korey Ward2008
    3.152Kenton Hobbs2000
    4.158Jason Hotaling1998
    5.158Brent Hubert2000
    6.160Matt Cushman2000
    7.161Kenton Hobbs1999
    8.162Roddy Steiger2000
    9.165Brent Hubert1999
    10.166Jason Hotaling1997
    Top 10 Lakota West State Tournament Finishers
    (72 competing)
    1.1Korey Ward2008
    1.1Korey Ward2009
    3.T2Kenton Hobbs2000
    4.T3Korey Ward2010
    5.T5Kenton Hobbs1999
    6.10Jason Hotaling1998
    7.11Brent Hubert2000
    8.T14Brent Hubert1999
    9.T16Matt Cushman2000
    10.T23Roddy Steiger2000


    All GMC
    Season Name Achievement
    1997Jason HotalingHonorable Mention
    1998Jason Hotaling
    Kevin Buhrlage
    Kris Hobbs
    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    1999Kenton Hobbs
    Roddy Steiger
    Brent Hubert
    Kevin Buhrlage
    Jack Buhi
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Honorable Mention
    Coach of the Year
    2000Kenton Hobbs (1st)
    Matt Cushman
    Ryan Williams
    Kevin Buhrlage
    Jack Buhi
    First Team (GMC Medalist)
    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Coach of the Year
    2001Kyle Ward (1st)
    Mark Senne
    Jack Buhi
    First Team (Player of the Year)
    First Team
    Coach of the Year
    2002Kyle Ward (2nd)
    Mark Senne
    Scott Watkins
    Drew Frey
    Sean Pramuk
    Chris Conway
    First Team
    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Coach of the Year
    2003Alex Hampton (3rd)
    Mark Senne (T4th)
    Ryan Heinly (T15th)
    First Team
    First Team
    Second Team
    2004Ryan Heinly(4th)
    John McQueen(13th)
    Michael Lanhan(16th)
    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2005John McQueen(T13th)Second Team
    2007Korey Ward (T2nd)First Team
    2008Korey Ward (1st)First Team (Player of the Year)
    2009Korey Ward (1st)
    Marshall Stretch (T10th)
    Mark Leslie (T21st)
    Chris Conway
    First Team (Player of the Year)
    First Team
    Second Team
    Coach of the Year
    2010Korey Ward (1st)
    Mark Leslie (T16th)
    Eric Steffey (T16th)
    Marshall Stretch (T20th)
    First Team (Player of Year)
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2011Marshall Stretch (T8th)
    Eric Steffey (T14th)
    Jeff Wray (T14th)

    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team

    2012Marshall Stretch (1st)
    Jeff Wray (7th)
    James Gately (T19th)
    Andres Martinez (T24th)
    First Team (Player of Year)
    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2013Connor Brown (T18th)
    Tommy Tran (T18th)
    Chase Martini (T21st)
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2014 Tommy Tran (T21st)Second Team
    2015 No Qualifiers
    2016Justin Beerens (T9th)
    Jack Larson (23rd)
    First Team
    Second Team
    2017Jacob Brownley (T11th)
    Andy Bippus (T18th)
    David McKinney (T24th)
    First Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2018Jacob Brownley (3rd)
    Andy Bippus (22nd)
    First Team
    Second Team
    2019Luke Daignault (T23rd)
    Jacob Bitonte (T23rd)
    Nick Ferrone (25th)
    Second Team
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2020Jacob Bitonte (T15th)
    Luke Daignault (T15th)
    Second Team
    Second Team
    2021Michael Fickle (6th)
    Nick Ferrone (T24th)
    First Team
    Second Team
    2022Toko Fujiwara (6)
    Emerson Wieland (10)
    Michael Fickle (T12)
    First Team
    First Team
    First Team
    All GMC Selection Process Note: Players are named to the All GMC teams based on their finish in the GMC tournament.
    Distribution of honors —
    1997-2000 ….. 5 First Team …. 5 Second Team …. 5 Honorable Mention
    2001-2008 ….. 9 First Team …. 8 Second Team
    2009-       …..12 First Team …. 12 Second Team (including ties)
    In addition to being on the first team, the tournament medalist also recieves the conference Player Of The Year Award. The Coach of the Year is selected by a vote of the conference coaches.


    All State
    Season Name Achievement
    1998Jason HotalingSecond Team (10th)
    1999Kenton Hobbs
    Brent Hubert
    First Team (T5th)
    Second Team (T14th)
    2000Kenton Hobbs
    Brent Hubert
    First Team (T2nd)
    Second Team (11th)
    2008Korey WardFirst Team (State Champion)
    2009Korey WardFirst Team (State Champion)
    2010Korey WardFirst Team (T3rd)
    The top 14 finishers in the state tournament are accorded all state honors. The top seven are selected to the first team and the next seven to the second team.
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