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    Season Summaries
    GMC Record
    Tourn. W/L
    Tourn. Adv.
    Division 1
    199716-2-38-1-0 1 1 74-1Rd. of 8
    199815-3-45-2-2425-1Rd. of 8
    199910-7-15-3-1462-1Rd. of 64
    200014-3-45-1-3T225-1Rd. of 4
    200114-4-27-1-1233-1Rd. of 16
    200215-1-48-0-1 1 1 43-1Rd. of 16
    200317-2-36-1-32285-1Rd. of 4
    200415-5-25-2-2375-1Rd. of 4
    200510-3-65-1-3342-1Rd. of 32
    200613-4-27-1-1262-1Rd. of 32
    200714-3-36-2-1T233-1Rd. of 16
    20088-6-53-2-45T102-1Rd. of 64
    200915-3-26-2-14T44-1Rd. of 8
    2010 9-6-2 6-2-1371-1Rd. of 128
    2011 16-4-2 8-0-11 2 74-1 Rd. of 8
    201217-2-27-1-1 2244-1Rd. of 8
    201316-3-27-1-12364-1Rd. of 8 of 185
    201413-57-2231-1Rd. of 64 of 185
    201512-7-15-4T543-1Rd. of 32 of 189
    201612-5-16-3341-1Rd. of 64 of 189
    201714-4-27-2363-1Rd. of 32 of 191
    20189-6-37-0-2271-1Rd. of 128 of 191
    20196-7-54-2-341-1Rd. of 64 of 191
    20205-11-24-56131-1Rd. of 128 of 191
    202110-5-46-1-2T282-1Rd. of 32 of 190
    20227-6-46-2-1370-1Initial 190
    202311-5-17-1-113141-1Rd. of 64 of 188
    * Coaches poll in Cincinnati Enquirer, terminated in 2019 and replaced by tournament seed.
    Steve Cummins coached West from 1997 until he passed away during the 2003 season
    Tim Ross finished the 2003 season in Coach Cummins’ absence
    Rick Cooper has coached from 2004-present
    Rd. of 16=District Champions
    Rd. of 4 = Regional Champions


    Individual Records


    GoalsGame4Josh Hutson (97)
    Season29Josh Hutson (97)
    Career62Linden Eberle (14-17)
    AssistsGame4Matt Bahner (07)
    Frank Re (10)
    Season15Kevin Noschang (03)
    Career32Kevin Noschang (00-03)
    Goal SavesGame13Billy Gronostaj (97)
    GAA*Season0.162Joe McClanahan (12)
    Shutouts**Season17Joe McClanahan (12)
    Career36Jeremy Curington (00-03)
    * Goals Allowed Average (GAA) per equivalent 80 minute game.
    **  Goal keeper in a scoreless game who either played the majority of minutes or who started the game and played half the minutes is credited with a shutout. A tournament game tied 0-0 at the end of OT which is later settled by a penalty kick shoot out is credited as a shutout game irrespective of who wins the S.O. tie breaker.


    Team Records
    Widest Winning10 Western Hills (10-0) 2002
    Widest Winning, GMC9 Hamilton(9-0) 2001
    9 Middletown (9-0) 2002
    Consecutive Streaks
    Wins12 – 1997
    Games without loss19 – 2002
    Games Scoring35 – 2001-03
    Opponents Shutout8 – 2009
    Per Game
    Highest Goals/Game Scored3.41 – 1998
    Lowest Goals/Game Allowed0.333 – 2012
    Highest Average Margin of Victory2.70 – 2002


    All GMC



    First Team

    Second Team

    Honorable Mention
    1998Josh Hutson’96,’97
    1998Billy Gronostaj  (GK)’97’95,’96
    1998Mike Norton’97
    1998Rajeev Darolia’97
    1998Kyle Grady’97
    1999Brett Dunlap’97,’98
    1999Andy Lallathin’98’97
    1999Bryan Heard’98
    1999Danny McGowan’97
    1999Justin Eiler’98
    2000Isi Enaiho’99’98
    2000Myles Beeman’99
    2000Kyle Winkler’99
    2000Collin Jewett’99
    2001Kyle Raulin’00
    2001Mark McKenzie’00
    2002Kenney Bertz’00,’01
    2002Matt Fuller’01’00
    2003Brian Hubert’01,’02
    2003Billy Herweh’02
    2004Jeremy Curington (GK)’01,’02,’03
    2004Ryan Kustos’02,’03’01
    2004David McGowan’03
    2004Jon Mellencamp’02,’03
    2004Kevin Noschang’02,’03*
    2004Kevin Schrand’02,’03
    2005Brian Almer’04
    2005Jason Chambers (GK)’04
    2005Kyle Bertz’04
    2006Adam Tenhundfeld’04,’05
    2006Trevor Sherman’05
    2006Jon Whelan’05
    2006Alex Slandzicki’05
    2007Anthony Montgomery’06
    2007Ryan Gray’06
    2008Will Angel’07
    2008Matt Bahner’06, ’07**’05
    2008Chris Dooley’07’06
    2008Mike Girardot (GK)’07’06
    2008Kyle Maxam’06, ’07
    2008Randy Thomas’06
    2009Robert Bowling’08’07
    2009Erik Kinter’08
    2009Brad Schwenker’08
    2010Nick Hagglund’08, ’09
    2010Chris McNutt’09
    2010Tyler Eno’09
    2011Robert Hasselfeld (GK)’09, ’10
    2011Frank Re’10
    2012Josh Spaw’10, ’11*’09
    2012Alex Wagnor’10, ’11
    2012Bill Hare’11
    2012Jon Campbell’11
    2012A.J. Mason’11
    2013David Piotrowski’12
    2014Gabe Welp’11, ’12, ’13**
    2014Hall Banks’12, ’13
    2014Matt Tripp ’13’12
    2014Hunter Stiger’13
    2014Joe Clear ’13’12
    2015Christian Lytle ’14’12, ’13
    2015Jake Mutlu (GK) ’14’13
    2015Corey Denham’14
    2015Mark Leinhardt’14
    2016Jake King ’14
    2016Stephen Art ’15
    2016Andrew McEwen ’15
    2016Jack Nguyen ’15
    2017Wesley Coleman ’15,’16
    2017Will Nguyen ’16
    2017Jeffrey Douyere’16
    2018Linden Eberle’16, 17*’14, ’15
    2018Chris Wahl (GK) ’17
    2018Joel Allison’16, ’17
    2019Michell Noll’16, ’17
    2019Spencer Weisbrod’17, ’18
    2019Logan Nutley’18
    2020Justin Winkle’18
    2020Hunter Little’19
    2020Jakob West’19
    2020Chris Mboyo’19
    2021Ariel Sales-Jeronimo’18, 19′
    2022Paul Walters’19
    2022Niko Krause’20
    2022Cade Morgan’20’21
    2023Jake Weaver’21, ’22’20
    2023Yazan Abou Zour’22
    2023Cameron Lee’22
    2023Joel O’Koon’22
    2024John Banks’23
    2024Brayden Benner’23
    2024Adamir Anvarov’23
    2024Brady Beneteau’23
    2025Tyson Hagaman’23’22
    2025Preston Robinson’23
    2026Ryan Boyd’23
    *GMC Player of the year. ** GMC Co-Player of the year.   Player of Year Award first made in 2001.
    Total Selections–
    1997-2000 ….. 11 First Team …. 11 Second Team …. 11 Honorable Mention
    2001-2008 ….. 18 First Team …. 17 Second Team …. (Honorable Mention discontinued)
    2009-          ….. 22 First Team …. 22 Second Team
    Players are selected to these honors by a vote of league coaches.  Only statistics achieved in league play are submitted for consideration before the vote is taken.


    All State Honors



    First Team1997Josh Hutson *
    1998Brett Dunlap **
    2000Kenney Bertz
    2001Kenney Bertz
    2003John Mellencamp
    2003Kevin Noschang
    2007Matt Bahner
    2009Chris McNutt
    2013Gabe Welp
    Linden Eberle
    Linden Eberle
    Second Team2002Brian Hubert
    2003Ryan Kustos
    2009Nick Hagglund
    2010Robert Hasselfeld
    2011Josh Spaw
    2012Gabe Welp
    2013Hall Banks
    2016Wesly Coleman
    Third Team1997Billy Gronastaj
    2002Kevin Noschang
    2006Anthony Montgomery
    * Cincinnati Enquirer Player of the Year
    ** Cincinnati Post Player of the Year
    Voted by the Ohio Scholastic Soccer Coaches Association.

    1997-2009…….. 11 First Team…. 11 Second Team…. 22 or 23 Third Team
    2010-……….18 First Team…. 35 – 37 Second Team…. Third Team discontinued.

    Teams are selected for each division. Lakota West is a Divsion 1 school (largest schools).



    All Midwest Honors (National Soccer Coaches of America, NSCAA)
    1997Josh Hutson
    2000Kenney Bertz
    2001Kenney Bertz
    All American Honors
    2003Kevin Noschang  ……………… NSCAA
    Linden Eberle ………………….. NSCAA
    Linden Eberle ………………….. USA All Star Game


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