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    Season Summaries
    Yr Overall Record GMC Standing City Rank **State Team Tournament Record **State Team Tournament AdvancementCoach
    199811-3T29Mike Mueller
    19999-5414M. Mueller
    200010-2T3T9M. Mueller
    200113-337 –M. Mueller
    20028-7T3100-1 Rd. of 64M. Mueller
    20036-7519 – –M. Mueller
    20049-5514 – –M. Mueller
    200512-4T38 – –M. Mueller
    20068-5T49 – –M. Mueller
    20077-6T36 0-1 Rd. of 64M. Mueller
    200815-4 T2T4  2-1 Rd. of 32M. Mueller
    200914-3 2 5 1-1 Rd. of 32M. Mueller / Dale Hutzelman
    201010-457 – –Dale Hutzelman
    2011 8-8 T4 8 2-1 Rd. of 32 Dale Hutzelman
    2012 5-12 6 110-1 Initial 88Dale Hutzelman
    20138-6471-1Rd. of 64Bryan Skoog
    20147-83100-1Initial 96Bryan Skoog
    20156-96120-1Initial 92Chris Conway
    20167-75100-1Rd. of 64Chris Conway
    20178-8T4110-1Initial 79Chris Conway
    20187-8480-1Initial 83Chris Conway
    20196-1040-1Initial 75Chris Conway
    20200-0cancelledChris Conway
    2021Chris Conway
    City Rank based on Cincinnati Enquirer Divsion 1 Coaches Poll. Discontinued in 2019.
    ** Ohio Tennis Coaches Association (OTCA) Tournament


    State Playoffs
    Sectional Placers(District Qualifiers)
    2001Matt Metully4th Place
    2002Matt Metully/ Brian SavinoRunner-ups
    2005Taylor Broda4th Place
    2006Wyatt Lippert3rd Place
    2007Wyatt LippertRunner-up
    2008Wyatt Lippert
    Taylor Broda
    2009Wyatt LippertChampion


    District Tournament
    2001Matt Metully4th Place
    2002Matt Metully/ Brian Savino3rd Place
    2005Taylor BrodaQuarter- finalist
    2006Wyatt Lippert4th Place
    2007Wyatt Lippert4th Place
    2008Wyatt Lippert/Taylor BrodaChampion
    2009Wyatt LippertChampion



    State Tournament
    2001Matt MetullyLost in 1st round (Rd. of 16)
    2002Matt Metully/Brian Savino4th Place
    2006Wyatt Lippert3rd Place
    2007Wyatt Lippert3rd Place
    2008Wyatt LippertChampion
    2009Wyatt Lippert2nd Place



    1st Singles & State Tournament Singles Matches Combined Records
    Most Wins in a Season35 *Wyatt Lippert (35-1)2009
    Best Win % in a Season97.2 % *Wyatt Lippert (35-1)2009
    Most Wins in a Career112 *Wyatt Lippert (112-18) (1)2006-2009
    Best win % in a Career (2)86.2 %Wyatt Lippert (112-18)2006-2009
    * Also Lakota School District Record
    Note (1)- Lippert was also 3-0 at first doubles so his overall high school record was 115-18 (86.5%).
    Note (2)- 2 or more seasons, 30 matches minimum, and career ended.
    All GMC
    19982nd TeamAdi RamanathanSecond Singles
    2nd TeamNeal Bhargava/ Phil ChenSecond Doubles
    3rd TeamGordon SunFirst Singles
    19993rd TeamBrian SavinoSecond Singles
    3rd TeamBen Woo/ Alex ChenSecond Doubles
    20001st TeamJoe Spadafora/ Dale SmileyFirst Doubles
    3rd TeamMatt Hamleton/ Matt McManusSecond Doubles
    20011st TeamMatt MetullyFirst Singles
    3rd TeamBrian SavinoSecond Singles
    3rd TeamMatt Hamleton/ Kyle RuweFirst Doubles
    3rd TeamMatt McManus/ Miguel BarralSecond Doubles
    20021st TeamMatt MetullyFirst Singles
    3rd TeamBrian SavinoSecond Singles
    3rd TeamDale SmileyThird Singles
    20053rd TeamMatias RochaFirst Singles
    3rd TeamTaylor BrodaSecond Singles
    3rd TeamDanny EucksThird Singles
    20062nd TeamTaylor BrodaSecond Singles
    2007Player of the YearWyatt Lippert
    1st TeamWyatt LippertFirst Singles
    2nd TeamJake Walker/Reed SupeSecond Doubles
    3rd TeamChris Arozarena/Mike GirardotFirst Doubles
    2008Co-Player of the YearWyatt Lippert
    1st TeamWyatt LippertFirst Singles
    2nd TeamTaylor BrodaSecond Singles
    3rd TeamMartin BurbankThird Singles
    3rd TeamChris Arozarena/Mike GirardotFirst Doubles
    3rd TeamSean Sachdeva/Jake WalkerSecond Doubles
    2009Player of the YearWyatt Lippert
    1st TeamWyatt LippertFirst Singles
    2nd TeamMartin BurbankSecond Singles
    2nd TeamAaron MadarisThird Singles
    3rd TeamMax DeLeon/Ryan SamarakoonSecond Doubles
    20102nd TeamRyan Samarakoon/Grant JonesFirst Doubles
    3rd TeamNick LangThird Singles
     20112nd TeamAaron MadarisSecond Singles
    3rd TeamNick LangThird Singles
    2013Honorable Mention*Nick LangFirst Singles
    Honorable Mention*Hunter CrossThird Singles
    2014Third TeamBrian Griffiths/Parth DevganSecond Double
    Honorable MentionErik IseleSecond Singles
    Honorable MentionTrey BlakeThird Singles
    2016Honorable MentionJacob Kaufman/Karl IseleSecond Doubles
    2017Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Garrett Lindsey
    Josh Barnholz
    Second Singles
    Third Singles
    2018Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Garret Lindsay
    Nick Athens
    Josh Barnholz/Karl Isele
    Javier Bahns/Charles Kovacs
    First Singles
    Second  Singles
    First Doubles
    Second Doubles
    2019Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Brenden Reedy
    Karl Isele
    2nd Singles
    Third Singles
    – Player of Year chosen by coaches vote based on all league play. Award first given in 2003.
    All GMC team selections primarily based on order of finish in GMC tournament
    *2013 is the first year to recognize Honorable Mention


    All State Selections
    2002Matt Metully / Brain SavinoDoubles1st Team
    2006Wyatt LippertSingles1st Team
    2007Wyatt LippertSingles1st Team
    2008Wyatt Lippert*Singles1st Team
    2009Wyatt Lippert*Singles1st Team
    As determined by the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association. The top four singles and double teams are accorded 1st team honors. An additional four singles and doubles teams are accorded 2nd team honors. There are no further teams or honorable mention lists.
    * – Also Cincinnati Player of the Year (Enquirer)
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