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    GMC Standing

    City Rank*

    State Rank**

    D-1 State Team Tourn. Rec.**

    State Team Tourn. Adv.
    200115-2T151-1Rd. of 32
    200212-4381-1Rd. of 32
    20038-73T90-1Rd. of 64
    200410-7T372-1Rd. of 16
    20057-94110-1Rd. of 64
    200613-2132-1Rd. of 16
    20079-6T2 (3 way)50-1Rd. of 64
    200813-4122-1Rd. of 16
    200915-11293-1Rd. of 8
     2010 11-3 T24 0-1Rd. of 64
     2011 7-8 46 0-1 Rd. of 64
    201211-4231-1Rd. of 64
    201310-9492-1Rd. of 32
    20148-8570-1Initial 81
    201511-6490-1Initial 75
    20169-5481-1Rd. of 64
    20179-94101-1Rd. of 64
    20187-64100-1Initial 83
    201911-540-1Initial 83
    202311-630-1Initial 61
    Eby Dufrense coached from 1997-1998
    Cori Bletz coached from 1999-2004
    Bryan Skoog coached from 2005-2012
    Rob Caress coached from 2013-2016
    Rosi Ferrall  coached 2017
    Nicole Lampe from 2018-present
    *Cincinnati Enquirer Division 1 Coaches Poll (discontinued in 2019)
    ** State Rank per Ohio Tennis Coaches Assoc. (OTCA) Poll,  Tournament is OTCA Tournament
    dnc=did not compete in state team tournament


    Individual Records
    First Singles & State Tournament Singles Matches Combined Records
    Most Wins in a Season28Ashleigh Witte (28-2)
    Brooke Broda (28-3)
    Best Win % in a Season (1)93.3%Ashleigh Witte (28-2)2007
    Most Wins in a Career92Ashleigh Witte *2006-2009
    Best Win % in a Career (2)86.8%Ashleigh Witte (92-14)2006-2009
    (1)15 matches minimum
    (2) 20 matches minimum,two or more seasons, & career concluded
    *Witte added 21 wins as a 1st doubles player for an overall varsity win total of 113 (113-17, 86.9%)




    All GMC
    19973rd TeamJane Lee3rd Singles
    19982nd TeamHeather Rogers / Sarah McDaniels1st Doubles
    3rd TeamMonica Cushard2nd Singles
    3rd TeamMelissa McNutt3rd Singles
    3rd TeamMaci Morgan / Ashley Jones2nd Doubles
    19992nd TeamMelissa McNutt3rd Singles
    2nd TeamEllen Lamas / Ashley Hain2nd Doubles
    2000Coach of the YearCori Bletz
    2nd TeamMarci Morgan / Ellen LamasFirst Doubles
    2nd TeamErin Blackmore / Moira McCasky2nd Doubles
    3rd TeamHeather Rogers1st Singles
    3rd TeamMelissa McNutt3rd Singles
    2001Coach of the YearCori Bletz
    1st TeamMarci Morgan / Jayne Suddleson1st Doubles
    2nd TeamJennifer Kelly2nd Singles
    2nd TeamMelissa McNutt3rd Singles
    2nd TeamErin Blackmore / Sarah Marsh2nd Doubles
    3rd TeamAshley Jones1st Singles
    20022nd TeamErin Blackmore / Sarah Marsh1st Doubles
    3rd TeamKatie Kinstedt3rd Singles
    3rd TeamChelsea Ruwe / Cathy Johnson2nd Doubles
    20032nd TeamChelsea Ruwe / Cathy Johnson1st Doubles
    2nd TeamJennifer Arozarena / Robin Burnette2nd Doubles
    20042nd TeamKatie Kinstead3rd Singles
    2nd TeamChelsea Ruwe / Cathy Johnson1st Doubles
    3rd TeamJennifer Kelly1st Singles
    3rd TeamJayne Suddleson2nd Singles
    3rd TeamAleia Brown / Rachna Goyal2nd Doubles
    20053rd TeamNatalie Flotner3rd Singles
    2006Coach of the YearBryan Skoog
    1st TeamRobin Burnette3rd Singles
    1st TeamMackenzie Hammel/Jessica Zaccagnini2nd Doubles
    2nd Team/Player of the YearAshleigh Witte1st Singles
    2nd TeamRachna Goyal/Jill Rich1st Doubles
    3rd TeamNatalie Flotner2nd Singles
    20071st Team, Player of the YearAshleigh Witte1st Singles
    1st TeamSandra Henzler3rd Singles
    2nd TeamMackenzie Hammel/Kelsey Betz2nd Doubles
    3rd TeamJessica Zaccagnini/Shelby Betz1st Doubles
    2008Coach of the YearBryan Skoog
    1st Team, Player of the Year Ashleigh Witte1st Singles
    1st TeamAmanda Lin2nd Singles
    1st TeamNatalie Flotner3rd Singles
    1st TeamKelsey Betz / Shelby Betz2nd Doubles
    3rd TeamJill Rich / Mackenzie Hammel1st Doubles
    2009Coach of the YearBryan Skoog
    1st Team, Player of the Year Ashleigh Witte1st Singles
    1st TeamTori Turner2nd Singles
    1st TeamNicole Soutar3rd Singles
    1st TeamKelsey Betz / Shelby Betz1st Doubles
    20101st TeamBrooke Broda1st Singles
    3rd TeamNicole Soutar2nd Singles
    3rd TeamMadison Capovilla3rd Singles
    2011No Honoree’s
    2012No Honoree’s
    20133rd TeamLindsey Shaffner3rd Singles
    3rd TeamMakenna Rothert/Olivia Moore2nd Doubles
    Honorable Men.Danielle Clarke/Nicole Sturgeon1st Doubles
    2014Honorable Men.Lindsey Shaffner3rd Singles
    20153rd TeamAnastasia Shalakov3rd Singles
    Honorable MentionOlivia Popp2nd Singles
    Honorable MentionJen Ellison/Florine Sanchez1st Doubles
    Honorable MentionMadison Saunders/Vanessa Parsons 2nd Doubles
    2016Honorable MentionNicole Sturgeon1st Singles
    Honorable MentionOlivia Popp/Jen Ellison1st Doubles
    2017Honorable MentionAnastasia Shalakov/Emily Hudson1st Doubles
    Honorable MentionJulia Peterson/Mia Allikhan2nd Doubles
    20183rd TeamEmily Hudson/Faith Martin2nd Doubles
    Honorable MentionMia Alikan3rd Singles
    Honorable MentionFlorine Sanchez/Anastasia Shalokov1st Doubles
    2019Honorable MentionMea Trent2nd Singles
    Honorable MentionMia Alikan3rd Singles
    Honorable MentionEmily Hudson/Nishi Suresh1st Doubles
    20203rd Team
    Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Honorable Mention
    Mia Young
    Lea Scheilbaum
    Mea Trent
    Nisha Suresh/Kat Woodall
    3rd Singles
    1st Singles
    2nd Singles
    1st Doubles
    20212nd Team
    2nd Team
    Molly Grace/Nilaa Elangovan
    Mia Young
    1st Doubles
    3rd Singles
    2022Honorable MentionAubry Knoll/Stella Ward2nd Doubles
    20233rd Team
    3rd Team
    3rd Team
    Honorable Mention
    Leah Schleibaum
    Jayn Strittholt
    Stella Wade/Lauren Phillkill
    Rachel Hankins/Brooke Sanders
    1st Singles
    3rd Singles
    2nd Doubles
    1st Doubles
    -All GMC rank, Player of Year, and Coach of Year are selected by a vote by head coaches after all dual matches and conference tournament matches are completed and results reviewed.  The Honorable Mention category added in 2013.


    Sectional Placers
    1997Rachel UlrichFourth Place
    1998Sarah McDaniel / Heather RogersFourth Place
    2000Marci Morgan / Ellen LamasThird Place
    Heather Rogers / Ashley JonesRunner-ups
    2001Erin Blackmore / Sarah MarshFourth Place
    Ashley Jones / Marci MorganChampions
    2002Jennifer Kelly / Jayne SuddlestonRunner-ups
    2004Jennifer Kelly / Jayne SuddlestonChampions
    2006Ashleigh WitteRunner-up
    2007Ashleigh WitteChampion
    2008Ashleigh Witte / Amanda LinChampions
    Natalie Flotner / Mackenzie HammelThird Place
    2009Ashleigh Witte / Tori TurnerChampions
    Kelsey Betz / Shelby BetzFourth Place
    2010Brooke BrodaChampion
    Nicole SoutarRunner-up
    2011Nicole SoutarFourth Place
    2012Tori Turner/Nicole SoutarChampions
    2013Sharon DanquahChampion
    Danielle Clarke/Nicole SturgeonFourth Place
    2014 Sharon Danquah Runner-up
    2014Nicole Sturgeon Third Place
    2015 Nicole Sturgeon Third Place
    2016Nicole SturgeonFourth Place


    District Qualifiers
    1997Rachel UlrichLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    1998Sarah McDaniel / Heather RogersLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2000Marci Morgan / Ellen LamasAdvanced to Final Eight
    Heather Rogers / Ashley JonesFourth Place
    2001Erin Blackmore / Sarah MarshLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    Ashley Jones / Marci MorganRunner-ups
    2002Jennifer Kelly / Jayne SuddlestonAdvanced to Final Eight
    2004Jennifer Kelly / Jayne SuddlestonFourth Place
    2006Ashleigh WitteRunner-up
    2007Ashleigh WitteRunner-up
    2008Ashleigh Witte / Amanda LinChampions
    Natalie Flotner / Mackenzie HammelAdvanced to Final Eight
    2009Ashleigh Witte / Tori TurnerRunner-ups
    Kelsey Betz/Shelby BetzLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2010Brooke BrodaRunner-up
    Nicole SoutarAdvanced to Final Eight
    2011Nicole SoutarLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2012Tori Turner/Nicole SoutarChampions
    2013Sharon DanquahAdvanced to Final Eight
    Danielle Clarke/Nicole SturgeonLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2014 Sharon Danquah Lost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
     Nicole Sturgeon Lost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2015Nicole Sturgeon Lost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2016Nicole SturgeonLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)


    State Tournament Qualifiers
    2000Heather Rogers / Ashley JonesLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2001Ashley Jones / Marci MorganAdvanced to Final Eight
    2004Jennifer Kelly / Jayne SuddlestonLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2006Ashleigh WitteAdvanced to Final Eight
    2007Ashleigh WitteLost in First Round (Rd. of 16)
    2008Ashleigh Witte / Amanda LinState Champions
    2009Ashleigh Witte / Tori TurnerFourth Place
    2010Brooke BrodaAdvanced to Final Eight
    2012Tori Turner/Nicole SoutarAdvanced to Final Eight


    All State Selections
    2001Ashley Jones / Marci MorganDoubles2nd Team
    2006Ashleigh WitteSingles2nd Team
    2008Ashleigh Witte / Amanda LinDoubles1st Team
    2009Ashleigh Witte / Tori TurnerDoubles1st Team
    2010Brooke BrodaSingles2nd Team
    2012Tori Turner/Nicole SoutarDoubles2nd Team
    As designated by the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association. The top four singles and double teams are accorded 1st team honors. An additional four singles and doubles teams are accorded 2nd team honors. There are no further teams or honorable mention lists.
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