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    Make a Lasting Impact and Partner with Lakota West Athletics

    For further information regarding corporate sponsorships of any of our 28 sports, Event sponsorship, game promotion, advertising, sponsorships, signage, Lakota West Athletic website sponsorships, and marketing partnerships.

     Please Contact:

     Stu Eversole, Athletic Development & Marketing Coordinator

    At (513) 503-5466, email:


    Reach Engaged High School Audiences in Greater Cincinnati

    This proposal offers a flexible, “build-your-own” approach to advertise your business directly to students, parents, and staff within Lakota Schools and the Greater Miami Conference (GMC) athletic league. Choose the advertising options that best suit your needs and budget.

    A La Carte Options:

    • Venue Signage:
      • 4′ x 4′ Football Stadium Signage: High-impact branding opportunity with year-round visibility.
      • 4′ x 4′ Basketball Arena Signage: Reach student athletes and fans at popular home games.
      • 3′ x 9′ Sideline “Tent Style” Signage: Prime location for increased visibility during football games.
    • Digital Advertising:
      • Greater Miami Conference Web Ad: Gain exposure on the GMC website with over 500,000 annual page views. (GMC comprises ten major public high schools in Greater Cincinnati, a competitive athletic league boasting numerous state champions.)
    • Event Promotion:
      • Special Promotional Opportunities: Enhance brand awareness through informational tables, handouts, or giveaways at sponsored Lakota athletic events.
    • Public Recognition:
      • Public Address Acknowledgements: Receive on-field or in-arena recognition for your corporate sponsorship.
    • Corporate Sponsor Passes:
      • (Number of passes varies based on selection) Gain access for designated individuals to sponsored Lakota athletic events.

    All options include:

    • Professional design and construction of banners and stadium signage (costs covered).
    • One-year contract duration, with renewals subject to mutual agreement.


    Contact us today to discuss your advertising goals and customize your Lakota Schools sponsorship package.



    This proposal highlights the advantages of advertising with Lakota Schools:

    • Targeted Reach: Connect directly with high school students, parents, and staff – a valuable and influential demographic.
    • Multiple Venues: Gain exposure across various locations within the school district and GMC athletic league.
    • Flexible Options: Choose the advertising elements that best suit your budget and marketing strategy.
    • High Visibility: Reach a large and engaged audience through signage, digital ads, and event promotions.
    • Public Recognition: Receive on-air acknowledgement for your corporate support.
    • Increased Brand Awareness: Build stronger brand recognition within the Lakota Schools and GMC communities.

    By partnering with Lakota Schools, you can effectively reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and gain valuable exposure within the Greater Cincinnati region.

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