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    Girl’s Swim Team Season Summaries
    Cincy City
    1997-983931123Dennis Beck
    1998-99272820Dennis Beck
    1999-00272722Dennis Beck
    2000-0147212T48Dennis Beck
    2001-0249211T41Dennis Beck
    2002-033(note 1)8935Dennis Beck
    2003-045918Dennis Beck
    2004-0525624Dennis Beck
    2005-06237T39Dennis Beck
    2006-072314Dennis Beck
    2007-0839211T56Dennis Beck
    2008-09T4(note 1)412T37Dennis Beck
    2009-104T1131231Dennis Beck
    2010-114420Dennis Beck
    2011-12 4 6 2 T7 T56 Dennis Beck
    2012-133 73 852Dennis Beck
    2013-142 T92 8T44Dennis Beck
    2014-152T9211T41Dennis Beck
    2015-163739T22Dennis Beck
    2016-17253815Dennis Beck
    2017-1827310T52Dennis Beck
    2018-193(note 1)3414Dennis Beck
    2019-2022429Dennis Beck
    — = unranked or did not qualify
    (note 1) = The Enquirer city polls were not conducted in these years.


    Boy’s Swim Team Season Summaries
    YearGMC PlaceCincy City RankSectional PlaceDistrict PlaceState PlaceCoach
    1997-9838415>50Dennis Beck
    1998-9951227Dennis Beck
    1999-00512Dennis Beck
    2000-015315Dennis Beck
    2001-0238310T50Dennis Beck
    2002-033(note 1)3749Dennis Beck
    2003-0437T2157Dennis Beck
    2004-053932Dennis Beck
    2005-067940Dennis Beck
    2006-07T2512T52Dennis Beck
    2007-0831039T26Dennis Beck
    2008-095(note 1)T3612Dennis Beck
    2009-106T51547Dennis Beck
    2010-115513T34Dennis Beck
    2011-1257614T34Dennis Beck
    2012-1342 8T26Dennis Beck
    2013-14511516Dennis Beck
    2014-152T8211T48Dennis Beck
    2015-163739T22Dennis Beck
    2016-1741041547Dennis Beck
    2017-183T73T726Dennis Beck
    2018-193(note 1)41244Dennis Beck
    2019-204414T33Dennis Beck
    –= unranked or did not qualify
    (note 1) = The Enquirer city polls were not conducted in these years.


    Lakota West Girls Records (as of 2/25/20)
    200 Medley Relay2/16/19Grace Glosson, Caroline Rice, Bridget Cramer, Paige Striley1:46.03*
    200 Free2/20/16Nevie Rice1:50.76*
    200 IM2/15/20Paige Striley2:02.58*
    50 Free2/16/19Paige Striley23.20*
    Diving (6 dives)1/30/15Mikayla Brown263.05
    Diving (11 dives)2/16/13Darla House394.80
    100 Fly2/16/19Grace Glosson55.40*
    100 Free2/16/19Paige Striley50.68*
    500 Free2/18/17Grace Luebbe4:54.55*
    200 Free Relay2/15/20Molly Fisher, Sarah Glosson, Ashley Fryer, Paige Striley1:37.81*
    100 Back2/16/19Grace Glosson55.72*
    100 Breast2/15/14Casey Frazier1:04.73*
    400 Free Relay2/16/19Paige Striley, Molly Fisher, Bridget Cramer, Grace Luebbe3:32.34*

    *Also a Lakota District Record (East, West, & Old Lakota), records kept since 1981-82

    Lakota West Boys Records (as of 2/25/2020)
    200 Medley Relay2/18/18Michael Lorenz, Griffin Manning, Connor Daves, Justin Hailey1:35.83
    200 Free2/23/13Bryan McNamara1:41.92*
    200 IM2/18/18Griffin Manning1.53.58
    50 Free2/25/15Ben Pawlukiewicz21.66
    Diving (6 dives)1/10/09Zach Cieslak238.55
    Diving (11 dives)1/17/16Taylor Mason332.35
    100 Fly2/28/09Michael Hart50.16*
    100 Free2/14/03Kyle Supe46.97
    500 Free2/21/20Jacob Ortwein (in state prelim)4:33.20
    200 Free Relay2/18/18Justin Hailey, Zachery Saurine, Griffin Manning, Kaleb Sackenheim1:28.02*
    100 Back2/23/19Michael Lorenz51.27
    100 Breast2/18/18Griffin Manning55.92*
    400 Free Relay2/27/09Michael Hart, Brendan McNamara, Alex Hart, Stephen Koch3:15.51

    *Also a Lakota District Record (East, West, & Old Lakota), records kept since 1981-82

    Lakota West Boy’s Swim Team – GMC Champions
    1998Seth Sanborn, Michael Hewitt, Kyle O’Hara and Greg Lange200 MR
    Michael Hewitt200 IM
    2002Kyle Supe500 Free
    2003Nick Keene200 Free
    Kyle Supe50 Free
    Kyle Supe100 Free
    2008Michael Hart100 Fly
    Stephen Koch500 Free
    2009Michael Hart -GMC Athlete of the Year100 Fly
    Michael Hart200 Free
    Stephen Koch500 Free
    Stephen Koch200 IM
     2010Bryan McNamara – GMC Athlete of the Year200 Free
    Bryan McNamara500 Free
    2011Dennie Patton50 Free
    2012Bryan McNamara500 Free
    2013Bryan McNamara500 Free
    2018Griffin Manning200 IM
    2019Michael Lorenz100 Back


    Lakota West Girl’s Swim Team – GMC Champions & Coach of Year
    1998Katie Severson50 Free
    Kelly O’Hara100 Back
    1999Kelly O’Hara200 Free
    Jenny HurstDiving (GMC Record)
    Dennis BeckCoach of the Year
    2000Katie Severson100 Free
    Ashley Miller100 Back
    Dennis BeckCoach of the Year
    2001Ashley Miller100 Back
    2003Katie Busse50 Free
    Elisabeth Starr100 Fly
    2004Elisabeth Starr200 Individual Medley
    2005Elisabeth Starr100 Fly
    Katy Hare50 Free
    2006Katy Hare, Alex Hauck, Chelsea Grabarz, Caroline Reed200 Free Relay
    Dennis BeckCoach of the Year
    2007Mallory BrimDiving
     2010Maegen Krugler100 Free
    Dennis BeckCoach of the Year
    2013Casey Frazier100 Breast
    Tiffany Howard, Savanah Rice, Casey Frazier, Joanna Sauter200 Free Relay
    Dennis BeckCoach of the Year
    2014Nevie Rice200 Free
    Casey Frazier100 Breast
    2019Grace Glosson100 Back
    2020Paige Striley50 Free
    Paige Striley100 Free
    Dennis BeckCoach of the Year


    Lakota West Boy’s Swim Team – Sectional Champions
    2008Stephen Koch200 IM
    2009Michael Hart100 Fly
    2011Dennie Patton100 Free
    Bryan McNamara200 Free


    Lakota West Girl’s Swim Team – Sectional Champions
    1998Katie Severson100 Free
    1999Kelley O’Hara200 Free100 Back
    Katie Severson100 Free
    Jenny Hurst1 M Diving
    2009Mallory Brim1 M Diving
    2014Casey Frazier100 Breast
    2019Grace Glossen100 Back
    Paige Striley100 Free


    Lakota West Boy’s Swim Team – State Qualifiers (place in State meet)
    2008Michael Hart100 Fly (7th)
    2009Michael Hart100 Fly (5th), 200 Free (7th), 400 Free Relay (8th)
    Stephen Koch200 IM (8th), 500 Free (8th), 400 Free Relay (8th)
    Brendon McNamara400 Free Relay (8th)
    Alex Hart400Free Relay (8th)
    2011Bryan McNamara500 Free (8th)
    2013Bryan McNamara200 Free (6th), 500 Free (6th)



    Lakota West Girl’s Swim Team – State Qualifiers (place in State Meet) 
    1998Kelley O’Hara100 Free (6th)
    1999Kelley O’Hara200 Free (4th)
    Jenny Hurst1 M Dive (8th)
    2000Katie Severson50 Free (8th), 100 Free (5th)
    2010Maegen Krugler100 Free (8th)
    2017Grace Luebbe500 Free (6th), 200 Free (7th)
    2019Paige Striley50 Free (4th)
    Grace Glossen100 back (4th)
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